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HO contact details :
Address: No. 850 West Changjiang Road,
                 Shanghai , China 200441
E-mail:  Eric_Liu@UltraBest.com.cn

Mobile: + 86 13818374793


Indian Contact & Support Team:
E-mail: project@omteccorp.in
Mobile : + 91 9586591919

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Eddy Current Test Head

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Eddy Current Rotating Probe Head

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Shanghai UltraBest headquartered in Shanghai, started in the year 2008 is an ISO9001: 2000 company that develops quality non-destructive testing equipment.
Shanghai UltraBest pioneers in NDT Testing systems, customized testing solution, and development of technologies for tube/pipe, cylinder, special material.
Shanghai UltraBest has sold more than 100 Ultrasonic & Eddy Current NDT solutions.
Shanghai UltraBest has in-house R&D and production of ultrasonic multichannel electronics, probes, electrical system and mechanical system

In house R&D, Manufacturing and Testing


Machine Design 

Instrument & Probe Design

Installation and Debug


Ultrasonic Rotating Probe Head for small size

Ultrasonic Rotating Probe Head

Combined ROTA UT&ET with Test Bench

Combined UT & ET Pipe Scanning System

UT Pipe Scanning System

Combined ROTA UT & ET & Laser OD Meter



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